The Trustees of the New England Laborers� Training Trust Fund (NELTTF) proudly share a unique cooperative effort among the Laborers� International Union of North America (LIUNA) and the signatory contractor associations � a cooperative partnership built upon a rich tradition of providing quality training programs and services to our members and their employers.  Since 1969, the New England Laborers� Training Trust Fund has been recognized as a leader in the Laborers� International Union of North America�s education and training structure.  The concept of �off the job� training for Laborers emerged in the 1960�s in response to a demand from both management agreement and labor for an upgrading in worker skills, knowledge, and safety.  This concept resulted in the first formal training programs of any kind designed for Construction Craft Laborers.  Traditionally, our industry relied only on the job foreman or journeymen Laborers� to instruct new Laborers on actual construction jobs.  This system by itself was inefficient both in terms of time, and often in terms of establishing safe and productive work habits.  The NELTTF developed off-site training academies without the stress of job production and performance.  Trainees receive intensive classroom and hands-on, job simulated instruction in all aspects of the Laborers� trade.  Trainees leave the academy prepared for position of responsibility as more competent, versatile and productive members of our industry.  As the New England Laborers� Training Trust Fund continues to improve and expand to meet future needs, we are proud of our history, the academies, the comprehensive training programs and the quality of our graduating trainees.

               To support the needs of the New England Region, the NELTTF operates two live-in, multi-function academies in Hopkinton, Massachusetts and Pomfret Center, Connecticut, as well as a classroom for day and evening courses in Providence, Rhode Island. 

                Both academies offer outside training sites, classrooms, indoor winter training areas, meeting rooms, dormitories, and dining rooms, as well as administrative offices.

                The Hopkinton site is nestled in 140 wooded-acres in central Massachusetts.  An outdoor recreational area with an Olympic size pool, tennis courts, a basketball court, and softball and soccer fields are in constant use during the warmer months.  An indoor volleyball/basketball courts, table tennis, billiards, reading room and television lounge offer year-round activities.

                The Pomfret Center, Connecticut Academy lies at the heart of 114 acres of a formerly private rural estate once occupied by the Jesuit Brothers.  Offering many of the same recreational facilities as the Hopkinton site, Pomfret is also home to LIUNA Training and Education Fund.  LIUNA Training provides training programs and services to over 70 training funds throughout North America.






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