The New England Laborers’ Vocational Construction Program

Our Partnership:
With Medford’s expertise in child centered education and The Laborers’ expertise in adult education, the curriculum of this new vocational program seeks to introduce children in grades 9-12 to the opportunities that await them in the construction industry. The school’s mission is to afford these children the opportunity to gain hours in an approved apprenticeship program. Making the transition from school to work is often a difficult road for many high school graduates. This school seeks to offer guidance and mentorship to every student to assist them as they and their parents plan for their future.

The school also seeks to impart the importance of lifelong learning in children. In this rapidly changing world and in the construction industry especially, training and education are essential in all phases of a career to keep up with new technology, materials, and techniques. Bringing opportunity to a new generation is nothing new for The Laborers’ International Union of North America and their partners. Through this unique partnership high school students will find that “the sky is the limit” to the opportunities that await them in the growing construction and environmental industries.

What is the NEL/Vocational Construction Program?
The New England Laborers’ and the Medford Public Schools have partnered to develop a unique Vocational School that will focus on the construction industry. The idea for this school is based on offering students a new choice in high school vocational education.

Why is the Medford School Department partnering with NEL?
By partnering, the School District is able to offer a value added educational opportunity to the children it currently serves. In addition, by partnering with NEL, the Medford Vocational School is able to bring international industry experience, innovation and the additional resources necessary to expand and improve opportunities for a currently underserved population. With a partner the school district can take advantage of the links to the industry it might not otherwise have had.

Who should choose to attend the NEL/Vocational Construction Program?
The school is for children who need a challenge, who may not attend college directly after high school; who may not have chosen a career direction; who may not be motivated by a traditional learning style. The smaller the class sizes and applied learning techniques may be just the thing for certain children.



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